How Bin Lifters Simplify Waste Management in Healthcare

How Bin Lifters Simplify Waste Management in Healthcare / Emoveit

Waste management is a significant issue for hospitals and aged care facilities. This not only involves putting waste into wheelie bins but also moving the bins into the street or emptying bins into a skip for collection.

Lifting, carrying and emptying bins in the workplace fits SafeWork’s definition of hazardous manual tasks.

This makes it crucial to manage waste as efficiently and safely as possible – which is where equipment such as bin lifters and movers comes in.

How bin lifters contribute to safety and efficiency

Bin moving and lifting equipment makes waste management easier and safer, and reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries to your staff.

Not only that, using this equipment means that your staff can avoid coming into direct contact with hazardous waste.

How Bin Lifters Simplify Waste Management in Healthcare / Emoveit

Here are some examples of bin lifting and moving equipment:

  • Multi-tip electric bin lifter – for easy emptying of large waste bins into a container.
  • Trailer with powered bin lifter and tipper – for bin trailer-transport and lifting and tipping.
  • Manual bin lifter – for moving, lifting and emptying smaller wheelie bins.
  • Dumpmaster electric bin tipper – uses an electro-hydraulic mechanism to lift and empty bins over 250kg.
  • Bin tipper attachment for forklifts – enables a forklift to act as a bin tipper.

As well as safer and easier waste management, bin lifters offer other advantages:

  • Compliance with workplace health and safety codes of practice.
  • Quiet operations and no odour pollution from fuel.
  • Low ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Warranties and 24/7 sales and service support.
  • Variety of solutions to suit the situation. 

To get the most out your bin lifting equipment, you will need to consider your bin sizes, how many bins you need to move each day, whether you will need a trailer for bin transport and so on.

For assistance in choosing the right equipment for your organisation, contact us.

How Bin Lifters Simplify Waste Management in Healthcare / Emoveit