STEP .01

Turn on.

To twist and push the power switch.

STEP .02

Lift the forks.

To lift the forks high enough so that wheels can move by lifting switch.

STEP .03

Insert the forks into pallet.

To pay attention on stability for the pallet (to aim the center).

STEP .04

Lift the forks up.

To lift the forks up to the platform level..

STEP .05

Push the forks into the vehicle.

To push the lift by paying attention to the hatch height.

STEP .06

Pull the support legs out..

To lower the forks down, then main unit body will lift up, then pull the support legs out.

STEP .07

Lift the main unit up.

To pull the support legs out totally, then lift the forks down and lift the main unit up to the max height.

STEP .08

Push the support legs back.

To lift the main unit up to the max height, and push the forks back to original position.

STEP .09

Push the INNOLIFT into the vehicle.

To lift the forks up a little and push the INNOLIFT into the vehicle together with the goods.


Settle the INNOLIFT To lift the forks down on the ground (surface), then wheels will lift up. In this way, INNOLIFT will not move. (Make sure to pack the goods properly.)