7 Considerations When Purchasing an Electric Pallet Jack

7 Considerations When Purchasing an Electric Pallet Jack / Emoveit

Electric pallet jacks offer a convenient way to reduce manual-handling injuries and make warehouse operations more efficient and productive.

Fully electric jacks offer both power drive and lift – which means they don’t require manual pumping to lift loads. They offer a more compact and manoeuvrable alternative to a forklift for indoor use, and you’ll only need a licence if you choose a ride-on version.

Here are some factors to consider when purchasing an electric jack.

1. Load capacity

Electric pallet jacks come in a range of load capacities, usually starting at about 1,000kg. You will need to ensure the jack can manage the weight of the regular pallet loads you move and lift, as an overloaded jack could topple and break.

2. Lift height capacity

Your jack needs to be able to lift loads to the height required. Electric pallet jacks vary in their lift ability – ranging from around 1,200 to 5,000mm or even more.

3. Pallet sizes

The standard size for Australian pallets is 1,165 square mm. If you sometimes stack pallets that don’t fit the standard, you may need to consider purchasing a jack that can manage varied pallet sizes – such as an electric counterbalance stacker.

7 Considerations When Purchasing an Electric Pallet Jack / Emoveit

4. Pedestrian or ride-on:

In many warehouses, a pedestrian or walkie pallet jack is enough to get the job done. In a larger operation however, a ride-on version can save time and improve efficiency. It’s important to be aware that you’ll need a forklift licence to operate a ride-on type.

5. Storage space

Modern electric jacks are designed to be as compact and efficient as possible. However, you may need to consider the amount of storage space you have available for housing them when not in use. Some models also come with foldable platforms to save space when they are not in operation.

6. Staff training

Even though you don’t need a licence to operate walkie electric pallet jacks, you should still ensure that the staff members using them are fully trained in how to use them safely and properly.

7. Budget

Naturally, you will need to consider budget when purchasing an electric pallet jack. Fortunately, electric jacks are a very affordable option for industrial environments and differ only slightly in cost from their manual counterparts.

In any case it’s essential to ensure you get the right electric pallet jack to match your organisation’s tasks and requirements. For more information and expert advice, get in touch with our team.

7 Considerations When Purchasing an Electric Pallet Jack / Emoveit