Skatework is suitable for many logistic, control systems and maintenance applications.
Using it’s accessories, it increases the productive potential of staff in a clean, convenient, fast and secure way.
The flexibility, ease of use and quality components make SkateWork an indispensable means of solving those particular problems of handling

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Skatework Features

About Features
Electric Vehicle: Zero gas emissions, Clean energy vehicle
Easy to Operate: Simple and intuitive to drive
Economical: Operates for less than 10 cents per day
Unlimited Range: Field swap-able Battery modules
Charge Time: 3 - 4 hours
Enhanced Visibility: 200mm raised platform offers visibility above the crowd
Agility: Tight Turning Ciecle
Integrated LED Lighting: Optional Headlights, Brake lights, Running lights, and Emergency lights
Speed Range: User Selectable
Cargo Capacity: 300kg (rider + equipment)



The Skatework Series of units are constructed with the latest environmentally-friendly materials and techniques.
The Skatework design uses friendly powder coat finish and lead free components
Each of the three tyres are also recyclable.
The Sealed Lead Acid Batteries have a three to five year life span after which Skatework Australia offers its customers a battery recycling program.
We also have Optional Sealed Gel Batteries for use in sensitive locations

Inside and out, the Skatework Series vehicle is designed and built to be not only good for the planet, but good for the bottom line



The zero gas emission Skatework series gets the equivalent of over 200km per litre
In addition to being environmentally-friendly, the Skatework Series is also extremely cost-effective. The Skatework Series uses about 1.5 kilowatt of electricity to fully recharge in less than four hours.
Based on Australian energy rates, the Skatework Series costs around ten cents a day to recharge. Per Kilometre, the energy costs are around half a cent.

The Skatework Series is truly an unlimited range of electric vehicles.
With a second set of batteries, the Skatework Series is the first multi-shift electric personal mobility type of vehicle designed for professional applications.
With two sets of Power Modules, the Skatework Series is capable of 24-hour unlimited range operation. The Batteries can easily be hot-swapped in less than ten minutes.

Skatework Australia has conducted extensive testing. After amortising the cost of the Skatework unit over 3 years, annual savings are $14,500 to $21,500 compared to larger units.

The Skatework Series electric vehicle is the ideal solution for Towing Trailers, Outdoor patrols like parking facilities, perimeter security, sporting/concert venues, business districts, and community relations. It proves that clean energy is cost-effective.

Skatework Australia – Basic Vehicle Technical Data

Details Descriptions
CHASSIS: tubular steel cradle frame with anti-slip footrest platform and accessorisable load carrier surface. MOTOR: 800 Watt rated power at 24 Volts.
ACCELERATOR: electronic throttle grip.
DRIVE MODES: forward, neutral and reverse, with electronic speed limiter and automatic warning beeper in reverse.
ELECTRONIC CONTROL: with 140 A Mosfet board and energy recovery during deceleration.
DRIVE: drive through both rear wheels.
TOWING CAPACITY: 300 kg with Skate Works homologated trolleys.
TRANSMISSION: sprung axle shafts and mechanical differential.
BRAKES: front drum brake (operated from lever on handlebar), rear wheel and parking brake functionality with electromagnetic brake on motor.
STANDARD POWER SUPPLY: 2 x 12 Volt Pb-Zn 120 Ah rechargeable traction batteries.
RANGE: approx. 5 hours continuous usage on level service and with no trailer (with standard batteries).
SPEED: settable at 5 or 10 Km/h from selector on electronic board.
MAX. GRADIENTS: 10% longitudinal, 3% lateral (depending on load/trailer and battery charge).
LOAD CAPACITY: max. 400 Kg, inclusive of batteries, excluding operator and accessories.
VEHICLE WEIGHT: approx. 180 Kg (inclusive of batteries, excluding operator and accessories).
DIMENSIONS: length 1650 mm, width 790 mm, height of handle bar 1265 mm.
SAFETY FEATURES: man-on-board pedal on anti-slip footrest platform, red emergency arrest palm button on instrument panel, special lock on battery compartment hatch, provision for installing manoeuvre warning flasher, battery quick release, electronic board quick release and electromagnetic brake release button to allow manual pushing. Drive controls disabled during battery charging.
INSTRUMENTS: ignition key, electromagnetic brake release button to allow manual pushing, battery charge level indicator, reverse selector, emergency arrest palm button (red button on instrument panel), manoeuvre warning flasher, horn and two free spaces for ancillary devices.



Some solutions described are designed according to the needs in which vehicles SkateWork have come to find to operate.
From a base vehicle one can derive a specific unit for each task of handling personnel, goods or equipment in any business setting, without forget about the safety of the operator.
The simplicity with which SkateWork proposes solutions adapted to each type of problem handling depends on the accessories mounted on the rear deck.

The high degree of reliability of SkateWork was achieved by choosing high-quality components, a simple concept uncompromising construction, meeting the criteria of safety regulations..

skatework a potential business partner


Dedicated to the warehouse, and more generally to those who must move and load bulky objects.


Increased productivity for operators cleaning companies.
With this kit you have to skate to stay, containers, bottles, brushes, brooms.
For a better service and a higher yield of the workforce.


Various forms of drawers allow those who do maintenance to have a mobile workshop. A real unity of action! (Selection keys on request, not included)..


On the floor are placed SkateWork thousand other accessories to make a workmate flexible and versatile.

Skatework Strengths


SkateWork is constructed using a heavy gauge, fully welded and Epoxy powder coated tubular steel frame.
The configuration of the frame and the weight distribution allows SkateWork units to handle cantilevered loads up to 20% greater than the payload.


The Battery drawer rolls out for easy maintenance and replacement.
For companies engaged in continuous shifts, we have changeover battery packs.

Directional stability

The differential axle shafts ensures excellent stability in direction changes, as well as giving the operator total control.

Safety Features

The operator stands on a self-cleaning, non-slip platform with a safety “man on board” switch to prevent accidental starting.
If this Safety button is not energised, the magnetic brake located on the engine immobilises the SkateWork unit.




24V/800 Watt