Rental return Spacepac Lehe K1 e-Bike

Ideal for a rental fleet for hotels, resorts and holiday parks
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We know that it’s increasingly challenging to attract tourists and guests, in general because there are so many non-traditional options out there to choose from. And, tourists want an authentic experience that is both memorable and affordable. Still, the experience is what they are truly after, and willing to pay for. When guests “feel” that they are experiencing something no one else in their circle gets to experience, that’s priceless.

Case Study:
As we learned from our Summer launch in Central and South America, specifically the Mexican Riviera and all along their coast where tourists flock and expats live, our LeHe E-Bike K1 became an instant hit! The LeHe E-Bike K1 is this year’s hoverboard except it is much easier to learn to ride and much safer. While we were excited to launch the craze over last year’s biggest selling holiday gift (over 15 million hoverboards were sold worldwide in 2015), we are much more eager to get the LeHe E-Bike K1 out in time for the 2016 holiday season with the amazing response we had over the Summer.

Whether you are a hotel or resort​ manager looking to bring in a new revenue stream and provide guests with an unforgettable experience as they tour the sites on the latest in eco-friendly transportation, or a bike shop in search of the latest celebrity product to offer your customers or you simply want the easiest rental start-up product, the LeHe E-Bike K1 is the perfect e-bike solution for you.

Here’s How It Works

1. Buy 10 units at only $1,596.00 including GST which includes free shipping in Australia or New Zealand​
2. Rent and then sell them to your customers or guests
3. Profit


It’s that simple. Anything more complicated is not worth the investment. We have simplified the process no matter what type of business you own.

Step Details Values
1 Order 10 Units Cost= $1,596.00 inc GST
2 Revenue Generated

Rental= $360,000.00 inc GST

(Based on $100/4hr rental per unit, yearly profit)

Sales= $180,000.00

(Based on one sale per day, yearly profit)

3 Transaction Management All sales are managed for you by Spacepac Industries and drop-shipped to your customers.
[/su_table] * Number above are conservative, to ​give an idea of​ your margins based on your location and demand​.​


Spacepac LeHe e-Bike or E-Scooter For The Hotel

​The factory​ ha​s​ already sold fleets of the LeHe e-Bike to resorts throughout Mexico that will begin offering use of the e-bike for their guests u​sing ​ our rental model. They will also make the LeHe e-Bike and e-Scooter available for purchase on the spot, when guests are interested in buying one or more units. We have made it a seamless process to sell these new e-bikes. They will simply ​retail​ the unit at trade cost and Spacepac will handle processing ​of ​all orders and drop ship every unit sold. It is a quick and easy transaction for the guest. The hotel staff never touches the product itself once it is sold and only profits from this model.

Spacepac LeHe e-Bike or E-Scooter Bike Shop

Adding an already hot e-bike to your product line is simply smart business, especially when you do not need to have many units in stock. Simply set your retail price and send us your orders. We will handle the rest. More profit and revenue for you. If you are already in the bike rental market then this is an even easier sell to your customers as they rent “try before you buy” and then they are sold, so you profit on the rental and make a sale. Simple. Get in on the hottest holiday gift for 2016, now.

Spacepac LeHe e-Bike or E-Scooter Entrepreneur

More and more cities across the country are providing public transportation to decrease the amount of vehicles on the road, but some people still need a little help to get through that last mile or two to work once they step off the bus, subway, or rail. The Spacepac LeHe e-Bike or E-Scooter is lightweight, compact, and helps you achieve just that. You can be that connector for those folks. A small investment of only $1,5​96​.00 incl gst can have you in business with your own e-bike rental business and profiting within days of receiving your Spacepac LeHe e-Bike or E-Scooter.

We have it all figured out for you. Now, join the other resorts​ in your area that have already provided their guests with unique and authentic experiences in giving them an eco-friendly ride to enjoy sightseeing just a little more, while adding value to them and revenue for you.

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Note: You should check with your relevant traffic authority as to where this product is permitted to be used.
Road and traffic laws may differ from region to region.