Different Types of Wheelie Bin Handling Devices

Different Types of Wheelie Bin Handling Devices / Emoveit

Any organisation that regularly manages large volumes of waste needs to consider how to do so as safely and hygienically as possible.

This applies to hospitals and healthcare facilities, farms, factories, warehouses and workshops, restaurants, supermarkets, airports and many others.

Wheelie bin handling devices reduce the risks involved in industrial waste management, in turn making workplaces safer.

Bin lifters and tippers

Bin lifting equipment includes electric and manual bin lifters, and bin tippers for emptying bins into skips. These types of devices reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries by making the job of lifting and emptying waste bins easier and safer.

Bin lifters and tippers also improve hygiene by enabling you to remove waste, without coming into direct contact with it.

Bin handling trolleys

Bin trolleys can be manual, motorised electric or battery-operated, depending on the application.

For example, the powered bin trolley can accommodate three 240 litre wheelie bins. It can also handle ramps of up to a 5-degree slope.

Using bin trolleys enables you to carry several bins at once (saving time) and helps prevent the injuries that can occur from handling heavy bins.

Different Types of Wheelie Bin Handling Devices / Emoveit

Wheelie bin towing devices and trailers

Using ride-on bin towing equipment allows you to easily transport large bins from one area to another. This includes bin tractors with towing attachments as well as trailers that can be hitched to your vehicle.

These types of equipment improve efficiency by allowing you to move multiple bins in one go. They also allow for safe transport of bins on ramps, and reduce the risk of injuries that could result from manual handling.

Different Types of Wheelie Bin Handling Devices / Emoveit

Bin washers

Anyone dealing with waste will know how dirty and odorous bins can become! It’s important that bins are regularly washed to maintain hygiene and health and safety.

The mobile wheelie bin blaster not only efficiently and effectively cleans out bins with a high-pressure hose, it enables you to do so while standing – in turn reducing your risk of injury to your back, arms or shoulders.

Different Types of Wheelie Bin Handling Devices / Emoveit

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As well as improving efficiency, using these devices as part of a waste management plan improves your compliance with workplace health and safety codes of practice.

For more information on wheelie bin handling devices for your industry, get in contact with us for a consultation.

Different Types of Wheelie Bin Handling Devices / Emoveit