The Applications and Benefits of Portable Lifters

The Applications and Benefits of Portable Lifters / Emoveit

Portable lifters consist of a loadable platform on legs that can be telescopically raised to a designated height. It is a relatively simple, compact and lightweight piece of equipment that can offer enormous benefits in a range of industries.

Let’s look at some of the features, applications and benefits.

Features of portable lifters

Portable lifters are foldable and made from lightweight and robust aluminium, making them easy to transport yet very stable. They are also quick and easy to set up, which makes them very versatile – they can be used in a variety of situations in a single day.

A notable feature of portable lifters is their adjustable legs, which means they can be used on uneven surfaces or against a wall. The lifters also come with hand-held controllers, variable speed options, overload warnings, a manual override, emergency stop button, and in various load capacities and lifting heights.

The Applications and Benefits of Portable Lifters / Emoveit

Applications of portable lifters

Portable lifters can be used in a wide range of industries and applications.

Here are some examples:

  • On construction sites to lift glass or other materials into place.
  • For elevating HVAC equipment to the desired height for installation on a wall or in the ceiling space.
  • In the installation of awnings, garage doors or cabinetry.
  • In warehouses for lifting goods for stacking on high shelving.

Overall, portable lifters are useful in any situation where there is a need to lift items up to 4 to 5 metres.

Benefits of portable lifters

Portable lifters save time, improve efficiency and help reduce costs on job sites. They can be operated by one person, reducing the need for another employee to be on site.

They also reduce the risk of manual handling injuries. Failing to manage hazardous manual tasks in a workplace may constitute a breach of health and safety laws and result in costly penalties.

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