How to move wheelie Bins

Towing of Waste Bins on Ramps from basement car parks to street.

We advise that ‘Ride-On’ or ‘Stand-On’ Battery Electric Tugs be used with Towing Devices (660/1100/1500ltr Bins) and/or Aluminium Bin Trailers (240/660/1100ltr Bins).
This system encourages operators of tugs to spend minimal time on ramps.. as well as reducing the operators time on multiple journeys.

Mixing Pedestrians and vehicles on Car park Ramps can lead to accidents, particularly when ramps are wet and drivers inattentive.

Factors are wet surfaces on steep ramps as well as sometimes poor lighting on ramps..
High visibility is important for operator safety in carparks … High Vis Vests or Shirts should be worn..
Emoveit has many years of experience in designing waste bin transport systems for any type of development.
Though there are similar requirements, many sites have storage space restrictions and require powerful yet compact
tugs and or trailers…

For level floor areas and minor ramps, Pedestrian Tugs are most often used unless long distances are involved..
we supply equipment Australia wide and choose from our many quality brand tugs for an economic solution..

With sales and service available 24/7, Spacepac-Emoveit has a history of complete customer satisfaction.
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Download our suggested WASTE MANAGEMENT PROPOSAL page (PDF)